Post your word cloud or the link to your word cloud or the link to your word cloud on this page as well as your idea for using word clouds in the classroom. Follow my example.

Debra DeBates - this is a word cloud I created using my teaching philosophy statement; I created it using Tagxedo.
Classroom Use for Word Cloud - after students have written a journal response on what family means to them, ask them to create a word cloud by using the text each had written in his/her journal.


Tasha Baxter- This wordle would be used in a foods class to explain the new My Plate from USDA which replaced MyPryamid. This is just a few examples what can be found on the on the USDA website when you look at My Plate. Since this is a newer concept teaching students how to related migh take some time.

<a href=""
title="Wordle: Foods 1"><img
alt="Wordle: Foods 1"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

Kyle Roberson- this is a word cloud created to introduce lessons on Personal Finance using Wordle.
Classroom use for Word Cloud: After lessons on Personal Finance have the students make a word cloud that represents goals and dreams they have while emphasizing that proper financial planning is one key to obtaining those goals.


Sarah Batkiewicz - This is a word cloud of 39 days of one Iowa school's daily lunch menu. In a nutrition course, students would study the types of foods that are offered and analyze the nutrition being offered by this menu. Students would compare the foods offered in this menu to nutrition guidelines and answer questions, discuss and journal about how this menu compares to the guidelines. Students would then create their own school lunch menu (or make the one provided healthier). After writing their menus, students would put their menu into Wordle. Students would then compare and analyze the differences between their Wordles and the one provided here. Use the link below to open the image in a new window to view this Wordle in a larger size.


 <a href=""
 title="Wordle: School Lunch Menu"><img
 alt="Wordle: School Lunch Menu"
 style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

Carri Smith - This is a word cloud describing FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America). It is an example for the students to learn about word clouds. The members can create their own word cloud describing their project, community service, or competitive event topic that they will participate in. The word cloud they create will then be printed and used as the cover sheet for their binder of information and research. I chose to only use the colors that represent the FCCLA program in this particular word cloud.

This is a word cloud created from my health class syllabus. It will be posted on the classroom wall as a reminder of appropriate classroom behavior.
<a href=""
title="Wordle: Ms, Hulse's Classroom Rules"><img
alt="Wordle: Ms, Hulse's Classroom Rules"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

Stefanie Burnett: This word cloud is for my fashion and clothing class. This is a list of all the fashion designers that students can choose to use as their topic for a research project. Students must choose one of the designers to create a word cloud about based off of the research they gather.

<a href=""
title="Wordle: Fashion Designers"><img
alt="Wordle: Fashion Designers"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

Katie Hajicek - This word cloud would be used in a middle school General FACS class. It would be presented at the beginning of a Fruit Lesson. Students would discuss the various kinds of fruits and we would talk about how readily available they are and the nutrients that are most commonly found in each fruit. Word_Cloud.jpg

Lindsey Sommerlatte
<a href=""
title="Wordle: Common Cooking Terms"><img
alt="Wordle: Common Cooking Terms"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

Wordle Use in the Classroom - When giving students new vocabulary, have them create a wordle to keep in their notebook to refer back to the terms during lessons and assignments.

Aileen Edelen

"Money doesn't grow on trees." Everyone has herd the saying, now it is time for students in an independent living class to fully understand that concept. Students would use this word cloud (made from a CNN article describing steps to budgeting) as a jumping off point for a project where they are to design their household budget. Students in class would begin by discussing the importance of the words in the word cloud starting with the largest and working their way to smaller, but still important ideas that contribute to budget planning.


Angela Boland - Culinary Arts: Cooking Techniques and Skills
Students will search the chapter we are to begin learning from (in this case) to find important words that describe cooking including techniques and skills. Students then type the words into the Web site. This gives students exposure to important vocabulary, encourages them to peruse the book, and learn more about culinary arts. They will print their wordle and paste it to the cover of their vocabulary notebook, where each day one student will present a vocabulary word to the class and all students will record the meaning and collaborate to assure full understanding of the word.
Wordle: Culinary Arts

Elizabeth McManus - Fashions II: Introduction to Design

This word cloud is made from the class description for my Fashions 2 course. The size of the words roughly indicates the amount the class will touch on each subject. The word cloud would make a nice poster on the wall, and as one of the final quizzes students could be required to define all of the terms as used in the context of the course.


Shawna Janota - Child Development

This word cloud was created using tagxedo and is intended for a high school Child Development FCS course. I plan to use this word cloud to introduce topics in which students will learn throughout the preschool physical development unit. Students will refer back to this word cloud and use it as a word bank to complete their unit worksheets.